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So what’s with the name?

Let’s start with this: What’s your definition of a badass?

For a long time, I was taught that being a badass and being a yoga teacher couldn’t coincide. That when you started spiritual work, you had to embrace the softness and let go of some of the tough. Like you couldn’t be a yogi and listen to gangster rap. Or that teaching meditation and lifting heavy shit up and down couldn’t be done by the same person.

I’ve changed my mind.

Because a badass is:

Someone who moves from a place of courage.

Someone who challenges themselves and others to humbly push past fears, with kindness.

Someone who does something in an unprecedented manner.

Someone who’s not afraid to go after what they want in life - and who owns it!

When you define “badass” that way - you should want to be both! Spiritual, soft, kind, reflective AND a go-getter, driven, motivated, raw, and groundbreaking.

And I believe embracing both sides of the whole self makes you a smarter, more intuitive, in touch, elevated human being.

So get down with your badass self - and let’s grow!